Photo of an older variation of Satis' name. Link to source of image.

Shrine Devoted to Satis

Photo of a more recent variation of Satis' name.





A multifaceted goddess who was both a warrior goddess and a fertility goddess. In her capacity as a fertility goddess, She presided over the yearly flooding of the nile and the purification of the deceased. In her role as a warrior deity she protected the pharaoh and the southern border of Egypt.

She was worshipped as part of a triad of deities known as the Elephantine triad which consists of Montu, Khnum, and Satis herself. Imagery of her usually depicts her wearing the Hedjet of upper Egypt decorated with either ostrich plumes or gazelle/antelope horns.

Imagery of Satis Also Links to image source Imagery of the Elephantine Triad being made an Offering.Link to source Imagery of Satet


While her shrine is located on the egyptian island, Elephantine, and most worship of her was in Upper Egypt, Evidence shows she was popular and worshipped in both Upper and Lower Egypt. She had a cult worshipping her as early as 3,000 B.C.

Entryway Sign for the Temple of Satet Link to Source. Photo of the Temple of Satis. Link to Source

Personal Experiences

Disclaimer: This section is based on my own experience working with this deity. They are not inherently based on lore or history. Your experiences may differ from mine.


Some of the offerings I've given her that she seems to enjoy include making journeys to bodies of water in her honor, date fruit, and red wine. She also seemed to enjoy blue and green rocks (she really enjoyed the peacock stone I gave to her) and offerings of water.

Prayers and Poetry

Satis, defender of the pharaoh, goddess of the nile, Protect me.

	Tasting sweet waters—
	Seeing She who pours—
	Graceful rivers—ebb and
	Flow—Purifying that which is

	Aiming deadly arrows —
	Praise to Show who shoots —
	Knowing when to
	Aim —when to
	Pour —showing how to fight without a

	Antlers skyward —Ostrich plume
	Adorned —Shining light wrapped
	'Round her head —Giving bleeded
	Water from stars above —



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Image of Satis Statue

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