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Witchcraft Page

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Hello! Welcome to my witchcraft and paganism page. This is where I link to my posts discussing witchcraft, magick, and tomfoolery. It's also where my shrines devoted to different deities I work with are linked to. I hope you enjoy!!

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Magick Mischief and Tomfoolery

Tarot Project

Tarot cards have helped me through alot my life. They have helped guide me through rocky situations and helped me navigate things that are hard to read. As such I want to create an area to write out my knowledge of tarot. (and get to know them better in the process). My goal is to write out short little articles about each individual tarot card. Discussing my impressions, thoughts, ideas, and also some history about each card. I can't wait to show this to you. Links coming soon!

Sigil Project

Sigils are a constant and chaotic tool to me. They don't have to be complicated or flashy. (Unless you want them to be). They tend to be placed in the front of witchcraft books as the easy magick to do. However, they are some of the most powerful allies imaginable when you use them creatively.

I love them dearly, and so I'm making a practice project for myself. My goal is to create some sigils, share some of my methods for sigil creation, and also share the results of what happens. Links coming soon!

Scrying Project

Scrying is something my deities and ancestors have directed me to practice. One of the most prominent experiences I ever had with a deity was through scrying. Therefore, I want to create a page to keep myself accountable for practicing scrying and show any new and exciting adventures that happen as a result. Links coming soon!

Pagan Shrines and Devotional Writings

This is where the shrines to the deities I work with will go! These are still a work in progress! Here's to the first being started!!

Sign saying Under Destruction.
Shrine to Satis