Scribbles and Scraps

This is a place for me to write out quick little updates and small thoughts. A place to put stuff that isn't big enough for a blog post, but that I'd still like to share. I got inspiration from the style and coding on Biko's garden

Posts nearer the bottom are probably more recent. Though I occassionally might move things around to make a point or connection.

First Post

This is my first little scribble! These are meant as almost little post it notes of thought. Hopefully, ideas that can eventually flourish into something bigger or more interesting!

A place for me to throw something at the wall and see if I like it without having to go to the effort of creating a whole new page for each idea.

Dangerous Tinkering

Tinkering is such a dangerous thing for me. I love messing around with things. Sometimes, this helps me learn alot of really cool things. But other times I end up in this terrible rabbit hole of tinkering as a form of procrastination.

Suppose I'm question whether or not it's possible to measure healthy tinkering vs procrastination tinkering???Perhaps it's just a matter of if its tinkering that helps me with my goals. But than where is the room for unexpected discovery?

Structure vs Spontaneity

Contemplating if there's a way to provide structure and still allow for exploration and spontaneity. That's one of the reasons I enjoy things like my zettelkasten as it allows me the best of both worlds. Is there a way to incorporate that into other aspects of life as well???

Initial Reactions to Yusef Komunyakaa

My initial reaction to reading this poetry is the phrase, beautiful violence.It's both violent and incredibly beautiful. I'm definitely feeling inspiration for my own poetry. It feels like he does what I wish to do.

Gay Space Pirate Album

Thinking of an album about gay space pirates. Sticking that to the wall for a future project. I'd need to do research on pirates.