Now Page

This is a now page. An idea I got from reading a few blogs and eventually traced back here. A now page is a place to discuss current updates and projects. It's a formalized statement of what I'm currently working on and working towards.


  1. Using a google course to learn more about technology. (Mainly trying to learn what I don't know and have some structure to seek it out.)
  2. Learning HTML and CSS (mainly through making this website.
  3. Beginning the process of learning python.



  1. Researching methods and techniques of writing poetry.
  2. Creating accountability for writing more via this website.
  3. Doing several projects that are driving me to be more comfortable with longer form writing.
  4. Attempting to write out a text-based game that will drive me in exploring long form prose fiction.


  1. Starting a few projects that will inspire me towards more consistent creation of music.
    1. Firstly, a project where I create pieces of music inspired by different tarot cards.
    2. Secondly, a project where I create pieces inspired by Negro Spirituals.
  2. Creating posts writing and analyzing pieces that deeply inspire me.


  1. Working on a tarot card project. It will be about my thoughts and feelings regarding individual cards as well as their history.
  2. A scrying project to practice scrying consistently noting what happens.
  3. A sigil project to document and explore sigil crafting.


  1. Attempting to wrangle my sleep schedule back in order.
  2. Considering what video game to play as I'm between video games.
  3. Trying to create a reading schedule for myself that I'll stick too.
  4. Having enormous amount of fun getting into sudoku. If you like watching others play sudoku you might check out Cracking the Cryptic I've been having an enormous amount of fun watching them.