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Welcome to my little home on the internet!

Trigger Warning

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Warning! While there will be additional contents before any thing particularly triggering. They may be discussions of triggering content on other pages. Please be advised.

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Recent Updates

  1. Updated the coding for my homepage!! on a lot of the pages
  2. Created a New Blog Post Updated 2022-10-06
  3. Create a shrine for Satis
  4. created a little Scribble Page for status updates, small quotations, and little thoughts!
  5. Have now created the Now Page which is a place to discuss my overarching current goals.
  6. Posted some of my Older Poetry

Upcoming Goals

  1. Work on the projects I've announced for both Music, writing, and witchcraft.
  2. Work on writings for Music that inspires me.
  3. Work on Adding bunches of graphics from websites that inspire me (and adding links to really cool websites!!
  4. Clean up code a little bit (I used tables a little too much :( )

About Me

Hello, my name is Nova! I'm a witch, pagan, writer, musician, and a burgeoning tech enthusiast. I am fascinated by the way that the technology we use impacts the way we live and think! If you'd like to see more of my Blog Posts or My small status updates here.



I have a deep love and appreciation for art of any type that is experimental, especially music. Some of my fav musicians include Pansy Division, Sun Ra, Olivier Messiaen, Gong, and Funkadelic. I also love to explore experimental poetry and have a few ideas for interesting games I would like to create. If you'd like to check out my music you can go Here


Personally, most of my small experience in writing is in poetry which I'm looking forward to posting here. I also want to grow my experience writing about music analysis and other more academic forms of writing. If you'd like to check out my writing you can go here


My main goal has always been twofold. I want to tell my own story and uplift the stories of those around me. I intend to do this through as many mediums as I am able. I seek to experiment and explore. This is my place to do so.

More Cool Graphics

Credits and Cool Sites

This is a listing of sites I got graphics from or that I generally think are cool!! Work in progress! Still adding Sites!

blinkies.cafe | make your own blinkies! Rainbow Locker Gif Cities

Princess Toots Cyber Rot

 99 gif shop  Aegi site

 Atomic Gothic Site

 Sad Girl Online Site  cybernetic dryad link Gross Girl 94 link

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Member of the Internet Blink Exchange

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